About this Web Site

This web site was initiated and developed as a group class project during the Fall 2010 PCP PIRE graduate seminar at the University of Florida. An entire senester was contributed to the development of this web site by the students in this seminar class, which included: Alex Hastings, John "Andy" Kilmer, Luz Helena Oveido, Carson Phillips, Catalina Pimiento (student coordinator), Jorge L. Pino, Aldo Rincon, and Dr. Austin Hendy, PCP PIRE Postdoctoral Fellow.

Phase 1 | Fall 2010

Which you see now, became public on December 10, 2010. From left to right: Alex Hastings, Aldo Rincon, Carson Phillips, Jorge Pino, Andy Kilmer, Claudia Grant (PCP PIRE assistant), and Catalina Pimiento in Panama. They have gathered all the material for Phase 1 of the website, and have made some suggestions for Phase 2.

Phase 2 | 2011

Recommendations made by the class for future improvements include:

  • Add links to publications
  • Add more videos in English and Spanish
  • Add more images
  • Have a Spanish version of the web site

This web site has been coordinated by Claudia Grant, PCP PIRE Project Assistant and eCommunications Coordinator. PCP PIRE also acknowledges in-kind support provided by the FLMNH Office of Museum Technology (OMT), and in particular, Sarah Fazenbaker, FLMNH Webmaster.