Volume 3, Number 9 (November 2013)

Education & Outreach: Going back to school
By Catalina Pimiento | PCP PIRE PhD Candidate

Research: What a fossil skull can tell about dugong’s food
By Aaron Wood | PCP PIRE Post Doc and Project Manager

People: Paleontologist in progress
By Elena Stiles | PCP PIRE intern

International: The perfect step after college graduation
By Sarah Widlansky | PCP PIRE intern

Volume 3, Number 8 (October 2013)

Education & Outreach: No Education story due to a special issue on the All Hands Meeting

Research: PCP PIRE All Hands Meeting 2013 Research Highlights

People: PCP PIRE All Hands meeting 2013 participant comments

International: At the All Hands 2013 “se habla español”
Luz Helena Oviedo | PCP PIRE former graduate student

Volume 3, Number 7 (September 2013)

Education & Outreach: Science and art, Panama fossils and inspiration
By Laura Beach | Soquel High School Biology Teacher Santa Cruz, CA

Research: What’s at the bottom of the Panama Canal?
By Austin Hendy | PCP PIRE Senior Research Associate

People: Back to School: Inspired by Science Teachers
By Claudia Grant | PCP PIRE Web Designer and eCommunications Coordinator

International: Paleontological journey
Christina Byrd | PCP PIRE former intern

Volume 3, Number 6 (August 2013)

Education & Outreach: An educator’s experiences in Panama
By Jill Madden | Pajaro Valley Middle School Science Educator - Santa Cruz, CA

Research: Miocene microvertebrates from Panama
By Gary Morgan | PCP PIRE Principal Investigator

People: First Mining Engineer in Panama
By Pastora Franceschi

International: My first trip to Panama
By Jeff Gage | Florida Museum of Natural History Photographer

Volume 3, Number 5 (June-July 2013)

Education & Outreach: And we do it again: K-12 teachers going to Panama
By Claudia Grant | PCP PIRE Project Assistant

Research: Research in Azuero
By Diego Ramírez | PCP PIRE Graduate Student

People: Transitions
By Bruce MacFadden | PCP PIRE Principal Investigator

International: An intern’s retrospective
By Erik Fredrickson | PCP PIRE Intern

Volume 3, Number 4 (May 2013)

Education & Outreach: Behind the scenes look at BioMuseo Panama
by Chanika Symister | PCP PIRE Research Assistant

Research: Creating the virtual fossil record of Panama
by Austin Hendy | PCP PIRE Post Doctoral Associate

People: Paleontology in my life
by Sara Vásquez – Undergraduate Student, University of Panama

International: The best Christmas present
by Luz Helena Oviedo | PCP PIRE Graduate Student

Volume 3, Number 3 (April 2013)

Education & Outreach: At the elbows of scientists: Shaping science teachers’ thinking about inquiry teaching
by Cheryl MacLaughlin | PCP PIRE grad student

Research: Fossil snakes from Panama
by Jason Head | PCP PIRE research associate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

People: I’m Jorge Velez-Juarbe, and this is my story
by Jorge Velez-Juarbe – PCP PIRE postdoctoral associate

International: First time in Panama
by Julia Tejada | PCP PIRE Graduate Student

Volume 3, Number 2 (March 2013)

Education & Outreach: PCP PIRE at "Titanoboa: Monster Snake" Opening
by Chanika Symister | PCP PIRE Research Assistant

Research: Open Access and PCP PIRE Publications
by Bruce J. MacFadden | PCP PIRE Principal Investigator-Project Director

People: Meet the new interns-Spring 2013
by Erik Fredrickson, Nicole Ridgwell and Samantha Couper

International: Paleontology goes for a ride in Medellín
by Luz Helena Oviedo | PCP PIRE Graduate Student

Volume 3, Number 1 (February 2013)

Education & Outreach: From field trip to the classroom
By Jill Holiday | PCP PIRE K-12 outreach coordinator

Research: Ancient dolphins in Panama
by Jorge Velez-Juarbe | PCP PIRE Post-doctoral associate

People: Chasing the patterns of past climate
by Pierre Sepulchre | PCP PIRE Research associate

International: Panama fossils get rescued by diplomats too
By Aaron Wood, PhD. | PCP-PIRE Post-Doctoral Associate and Intern Supervisor


Volume 2, Number 9 (November 2012)

Education & Outreach: Knocking down the tower
by Luz Helena Oviedo

Research: Adding pieces to the Isthmus formation puzzle
by Luz Helena Oviedo

People: What are All Hands meeting attendees saying about the event?

International: There is strength in numbers
by Luz Helena Oviedo

Volume 2, Number 8 (October 2012)

Education & Outreach: Talking dietary evolution of horses at the Southwest Florida Fossil Club
by Sean Moran

Research: PCP-PIRE and the Annual Geological Society of America Meeting: Communicating our discoveries to a national audience
by Austin Hendy

People: Understanding past geography
by Camilo Montes

International: MacFadden visits University de Los Andes, Bogotá
by Bruce MacFadden

Volume 2, Number 7 (September 2012)

Education & Outreach: An outreach experience at Parque Explora, Colombia
by Luz Helena Oviedo

Research: Advances in the knowledge of vertebrate paleontology in Panama
by Jorge Luis Pino

People: Fascinated by paleontology
by Sharon Holte

International: Getting to know wild cats: A key component for felids conservation in Panama and the Neotropics
by Jorge Luis Pino

Volume 2, Number 6 (August 2012)

Education & Outreach: Introductory course to Panama's paleontology: A new challenge
by Catalina Pimiento

Research: Discovering ancient environments
by Hannah Riegel

People: Science Education in PCP-PIRE
by Cheryl Mclaughlin

International: California teachers learn paleontology in Panama
by Stacey Falls

International: An experience with decisions for my life
by Lina Pérez Ángel

Volume 2, Number 5 (June-July 2012)

Education & Outreach: New K-12 education project
by Jill Holliday

Research: Fossil horses and the ancient environments of Panama
by Aaron Wood

People: Rebecca Koll, new paleobotany PhD student
by Rebecca Koll

International: Recent paleobotany field trip to the Azuero Peninsula
by Luz Helena Oviedo and Fabiany Herrera

Volume 2, Number 4 (May 2012)

Education & Outreach: Teachers from Panama Teach Us the Importance of Public Outreach
by Catalina Pimiento

Education & Outreach: Panama Fossils go to Washington DC
by Luz Helena Oviedo

Research: Panama Canal Rare Earth Element Analyses
by Chanika Symister

People: Studying Mammals in Panama
by Jorge Luis Pino

International: Looking for fossils: From Western US to the Panama Canal
by Stephanie Lukowski

Volume 2, Number 3 (April 2012)

Education & Outreach: High school students collaborate with PCP-PIRE and STRI scientists in the field
by Luz Helena Oviedo and Bruce MacFadden

Research: Forty million year old plants from Panama
by Luz Helena Oviedo and Fabiany Herrera

People: "The seas roll over but the rocks remain” (A.P. Herbert)
by Amanda Waite

International: Living in Panama has been a real blast!
by Jason Carr

Volume 2, Number 2 (March 2012)

Education & Outreach: Wildcats of Panama
by Jorge Luis Pino

Research: The Panamanian strait and the probable use of the canal seaway
by Carlos De Gracia

Research: Clumped Isotopes at PCP-PIRE
by Chanika Symister

People: The Natural History of the Pearl Islands: A New Focus for the PIRE
by Nicole Cannarozzi and David Steadman

International: A professor from "Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí" visits FLMNH
by Luz Helena Oviedo

Volume 2, Number 1 (February 2012)

Education & Outreach: A ride on the Fossil Freeway
by Katherine Hendy

Research: Late Quaternary of the Neotropics: First of the PCP-PIRE Thematic Clusters
by Bruce MacFadden

People: The excitement of being a paleontologist
by Aldo Rincon

International: Researcher from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur visits the PCP-PIRE in Gainesville
by Luz Helena Oviedo


Volume 1, Number 9 (December 2011)

Education & Outreach: PCP-PIRE collaborates with Biomuseo
by Chanika Symister and Sean Moran

People: What is a disease ecologist doing in PCP-PIRE?
by Carson Phillips

International: Some lessons to live and work in Panama
by Aaron Wood

Volume 1, Number 8 (November 2011)

Education & Outreach: Fossil Horse Exhibits at Fossil Club of Lee County
by Luz Helena Oviedo

Research: Fossil Crocodilians of the Panama Canal Zone
by Alex Hastings

People: Martín Martínez from the Museum of Natural Sciences of Panama
by Martín Martínez

International: Educating about Less Traditional Topics in our Panamanian Universities: Workshop -Ancient and Modern Biodiversity in Panama
by Jorge Luis Pino

Volume 1, Number 7 (October 2011)

Education & Outreach: Engaging PCP-PIRE audiences
by Luz Helena Oviedo

Research: Discoveries, collaboration and controversy showcased during the PCP-PIRE seminar
by Luz Helena Oviedo

People: What are All Hands meeting attendees saying about the event?

Field Trip: New and old visitors take a glance at the Panama Canal fossil sites
by Sean Moran

Field Trip: News from the field: Research field trips associated with the All-Hands meeting in Panama

Field Trip: Pearl Islands
by Andy Kilmer

Volume 1, Number 6 (September 2011)

Education & Outreach: Experiencing my childhood dream
by Juan Camilo Rojas

Research: Small fossil treasures from the Panama Canal: Updating the Central American fossil faunal list
by Aldo Rincón

People: Tracing the ancestry of flowering plants
by Pam Soltis

International: Helping to advance science
by Charles O'Connor

Volume 1, Number 5 (August 2011)

Education & Outreach: Geology of Panama exhibit: Bridging the gap between scientists and the public
by Katherine Hendy

Research: Fish Otoliths Record Ancient Environment
by Nicole Cannarozzi

People: Gary Liljeren, photographer volunteer
by Chanika Symister

International: New Field Trip to Panama

Volume 1, Number 4 (July 2011)

Education & Outreach: University of Panama students interested in PCP PIRE research

Research: New research aims to study potential earthquake and tsunami hazards in Panama
by Jessica Foster

People: Working with Panama Canal fossil plants
by Oris Rodriguez

International: Panama Canal research featured in New Scientist magazine

Volume 1, Number 3 (June 2011)

Education & Outreach: New PCP-PIRE Seminar on Natural History Exhibits Development
by Bruce MacFadden

Research: New crocs, camels and paleocological features from the Miocene of Panama
by Luz Helena Oviedo

People: Integrating Research with Education: Experience at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History-NMMNH
by Andy Kilmer

International: Museo de Ciencias Naturales visits the Florida Museum of Natural History
by Jorge Luis Pino

Volume 1, Number 2 (May 2011)

Education & Outreach: A glimpse at the PCP PIRE class "Broader Impacts of Science on Society"
by Nicole Cannarozzi

Research: To the rescue of fossils at the Panama Canal Caribbean Locks
by Austin Hendy

People: Working as a Research Assistant for the PCP PIRE
by Chanika Symister

International: PIRE members in international news
by Catalina Pimiento

Volume 1, Number 1 (April 2011)

Education & Outreach: Fossil Fest in Orlando
by Chanika Symister

Research: Unique finding in the Panama Canal!
by Luz Helena Oviedo

People: Volunteering in PCP-PIRE
by Monica Shippritt

International: Spring Break in Panama
by Andy Kilmer

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