All Hands Meeting Agenda

all hands meeting in Panama, Sept 16-17

Sponsored by the BioMuseo and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the PCP PIRE is organizing its first ALL HANDS meeting to be held in Panama, September 16-17, 2011.

The attendees to the event are our Principal Investigators, Students, Stakeholders, External Advisory Committee, and NSF officers.

The goals of the meeting are to bring project participants and partners together to:

1. Communicate about research discoveries, international experiences, and educational and outreach activities; and

2. Review project goals and plans for the PCP PIRE.

Pre-Meeting Activities (Optional)

Tuesday Sept. 13

Free Morning

16:00 Pam Soltis: The Role of Polyploidy in Angiosperm Diversification (Sponsored by PCP PIRE)
Tupper Auditorium, Social afterwards in courtyard

Wednesday Sept. 14

Free day
Possible field trip to Gatun (TBD)

Meeting Activities

Thursday Sept. 15

18:30 Bus from Apart Hotel Plaza to BioMuseo
19:00 Ice breaker at BioMuseo
Drinks and Hors d'oeuvres (sponsored by STRI)
20:30 Bus from BioMuseo to Apart Hotel Plaza

Friday Sept. 16 - All Hands Meeting, Tupper campus STRI

7:00-8:00 Breakfast at the hotel
8:15 Bus from Apart Hotel Plaza to STRI

Session 1: Introductions, Welcome and Keynote (Moderator: Carlos Jaramillo)
9:00 Eldredge ("Biff") Bermingham: Director, STRI
9:05 Doug Jones: Director, Florida Museum of Natural History | Welcome Speech
9:10 Ruben Berrocal: Secretario Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación - SENACYT
9:15 NSF (Jessica Robin)
9:20 Keynote: Tony Coates, The History of the Panama Paleontology Program (PPP); why the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts."

Session 2: Posters (*see list appended below) and Coffee Break
10:00-11:00 (Moderator: Catalina Pimiento)

Session 3: PCP Research (Moderator: Jon Bloch)
11:00 Carlos Jaramillo: Research Overview of the PCP
11:15 Camilo Montes : Geological context of the Panama Canal
11:30 David Farris: Extension during formation of the Panamanian Isthmus
11:45 David Foster: Panama Canal Project Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry Investigations: Student Experiences in Advanced Instrument Laboratories
12:00 Jon Bloch: Miocene vertebrates from Panama
12:15 Gary Morgan: Microvertebrates from Panama: Big discoveries from tiny fossils
12:30 Austin Hendy: Biodiversity and paleoecology of marine biotas in the Gatun Formation: New approaches and old problems
12:45 Oris Rodriguez: Miocene woods from the Panama Canal: taxonomy, paleoecology and paleoclimatology
13:00 Lunch

Session 4: Education and Outreach (Moderator: Bruce MacFadden)
14:30 Bruce MacFadden: Education and Outreach Overview
14:45 Keynote: George Angehr-BioMuseo, The Panama BioMuseo: A Unique Synthesis of Science and Art
15:15 Andy Kilmer: Paleontology in the Panama Canal -- 5 minutes video
15:20 Luz Helena Oviedo: E-Newsletter: Keeping you up-to-date
15:40 Claudia Grant: Made from Scratch: the story of the PCP PIRE website
15:55 Jorge Pino: Engaging students on science and perspectives for the MCN
16:15 Catalina Pimiento: Training the Next Generation of Paleontologists from Panama. (Session Ends)

Session 5: *Posters (continued) and happy hour
16:30 Group divides in 2
Group1: Posters and Socialization (Happy Hour) (Moderator, if needed, Catalina Pimiento)
Group2: LC Participants, external advisors (possibly NSF and SENACYT) meeting (Facilitator: Shari Ellis)
18:30 Bus to Apart Hotel Plaza
19:15 Dinner on your own (individual groups)

Saturday Sept. 17 - All Hands Field Trip (Leader: Aldo Rincon et al.)

8:00 Bus to the Field site-everyone goes
8:00-12:00 Centenario Bridge, Hodges Hill, and Las Cascadas
12:00 Bus to Apart Hotel Plaza
12:15-13:15 Free time at the hotel for lunch, shower, etc.

Post-Meeting Activities (Optional)

Saturday Sept. 17 afternoon

13:30 Bus (or STRI vehicle) to an optional field trip: Canopy Crane, Miraflores Locks, Museo Visit.
17:00 Bus (or STRI vehicle) back to Apart Hotel Plaza

Sunday Sept. 18 afternoon

*Sessions 2, 5: List of Students and PostDoc Posters

Nicole Cannarozzi
Testing the Waters: Sea Catfish Otoliths as a Proxy for Ancient Environment

Ty R. Christian (with Jorge Pino)
A phylogenetic revision of Mazama deer from the Pearl Islands, Panama

Carlos D'Apolito Júnior
Late glacial vegetation and climate in Amazonia and Panama

Carlos De Gracia
Altered predator-prey interaction by environmental change and the extinction of Strombina lessepsiana(Brown & Pilsbry)

Matthew Drouillard
Geochronology of Tuff and Clastic Units in Las Cascadas Formation using U/Pb and Ar/Ar Systems

Jessica Foster
Internal Consistent Geographic Information System (GIS) PCP-PIRE Fossil Localities

Austin Hendy
Early Miocene Culebra Formation of Panama: Biogeography and Biodiversity of Molluscs before the Isthmus

Fabiany Herrera
Eocene and Miocene Fruits and Seeds Reveal the Evolution of Ancient Panamanian Forests

Andy Kilmer
Island Life is for the Birds: Avifauna Surveys of the Perlas Archipelago

Alejandro Machado
A Paleoenvironmental analysis using microfossils of the Late Eocene Gatuncillo Formation, Panama

Federico Moreno
Stratigraphy of the Gatuncillo Formation, Panama

Jorge Moreno
South American Ungulates from the Castilletes Formation

Manuel Paez-Reyes
Neogene long-term paleoecological trends in the Bahamian Platform: A dinocyst perspective

Carson Phillips
Deadly mechanisms of disease transmission: how humans impact disease transmission and the importance of biodiversity to safeguard disease risk

Roger Portell
Invertebrate paleontology and the PIRE PCP

Diego Ramírez
Proveniencia de las rocas del Eoceno de Panamá

Aldo Rincon
Oldest Central American Fossil Mammals: First Immigrants, Endemism and Age of Las Cascadas Formation

Alexis Rojas
Poster 1: First Records of Cenozoic Brachiopods from the Isthmus of Panama: Implications for Biogeography and the Quality of the Fossil Record
Poster 2: Temporal and spatial trends in naticid drill-hole location

Ingrid Romero
Closure of the Central American Isthmus: Implications in the expansion of neotropical savannas

Mónica Shippritt
Técnicas Usadas en la Búsqueda de Micro y Macro dientes de tiburones fósiles de Panamá.

Chanika Symister
Rare Earth Element Analysis of Miocene Sharks from Panama by ICPMS

Maria Camila Vallejo
Rodents from the Castilletes Formation

Sebastian Zapata
Initiation of the Pacific Plate Subduction after the Pangea breaking: Geochemical and Geochronological data

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