all hands meeting in Panama, Sept 16-17

This agenda is a work in progress. Please check this page regularly.

The PCP PIRE is organizing its second ALL HANDS meeting to be held in Gainesville, Florida on November 1-2, 2012.

The attendees to the event are our Principal Investigators, Students, Stakeholders, External Advisory Committee, and NSF officers.

The goals of the meeting are to bring project participants and partners together to:

1. Communicate about research discoveries, international experiences, and educational and outreach activities; and

2. Review project goals and plans for the PCP PIRE.

Pre-Meeting Activities (Optional)

Thursday November 1, 2012

PaleoClim Workshop, Download agenda

6:00-8:00 Breakfast at hotel

8:30 Bus from Paramount Plaza Hotel to University of Florida

8:45 Coffee/Tea Meet-and-Greet

9:00-9:05 Amanda Waite & Austin Hendy, Welcome and Introductions

9:05-9:10 Doug Jones (FLMNH), Welcome and Introductions

9:10-9:40 Feature Presentation | Carlos Jaramillo (STRI) | Title TBA

9:45-11:30 Terrestrial Paleoclimate short presentations | Moderator: Aaron Wood
Presenters: Jon Bloch, Aldo Rincon, Sean Moran, Hannal Reigel, Alexander Antonelli, Jorge Piño, Chanika Symister, Sharon Holte

11:30-12:30 Lunch and Discussion

12:30-13:00 Feature Presentation | Pierre Sepulchre (Institut Pierre Simon Laplace)| Title TBA

13:00-14:00 Paleoceanography short presentations | Moderator: Andrea Dutton
Presenters: Ellen Martin, Amanda Waite, Carlos de Gracia, Catalina Pimiento, Lauren Toth, Camilo Montes, Austin Hendy, Nicole Canarozzi

14:00 - 15:00 Brainstorming Session – Paleoclimate and Paleogeography – Reitz Union 287
Facilitator: Carlos Jaramillo
Particpants: Jaramillo, Bloch, Jones, Martin, Dutton, Waite, Hendy A, Antonelli, Sepulchre, Pimiento, Holte, Toth, Ellis.

16:00-17:00 | Keynote address, Andre Droxler, Rice University (co-hosted with the UF Department of Geological Sciences), CSE E119
“Caribbean Gateways: A Complex Cenozoic History of Wide Open Passages to Partially and fully Closed Isthmuses”

17:30-18:30 | Collections tours, Florida Museum of Natural History, Dickinson Hall

18:30-19:00 | All Hands Ice Breaker Social (Sponsored by the Florida Museum of Natural History), Dickinson Hall Lobby

17:15 - 18:15 Brainstorming Session – Colombian Collaborations – 230 Dickinson Hall
Facilitator: Carlos Jaramillo
Particpants: Jaramillo, Montes, MacFadden, Bloch, Hendy A, Foster, Montes, Pimiento, Herrera, Pardo, Acero, Ellis. Download details

Meeting Activities

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

06:00-8:00 Breakfast at the hotel

08:00 Bus from Paramount Plaza Hotel to University of Florida, Smathers Library Room 1A

Introductions | Moderator Doug Jones

8:30-8:35 Doug Jones (FLMNH)

8:35-8:40 Sobha Jashankar (UF Office of Research)

8:40-8:45 David Sammons (UF International Center)

8:45-8:50 Carlos Jaramillo (STRI)

8:50-8:55 Jessica Robin (NSF)

8:55-9:00 Bruce MacFadden (FLMNH)

9:05-9:30 Feature Presentation| Lauren Toth: Climatic control of coral reef development in the tropical eastern Pacific

9:30-10:10 Poster presentations | Coffee break | Moderator: Nicole Cannarozzi

10:20-12:20 Session 1: Partnerships and Collaboration | Moderator: Bruce MacFadden

10:20-10:25 Bruce MacFadden (FLMNH): Importance of networking and collaboration to PIRE-PCP

10:25-10:35 Camillo Montes (Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia) | Title TBA

10:35-10:45 Andres Pardo (University of Caldas, Colombia) | Title TBA

10:45-10:55 Jorge Pino (UF Biology) - From ideas to actions: promoting awareness about science beyond the lab bench

10:55-11:05 Catalina Pimiento (UF Biology): Designing and teaching a blended course in Paleontology of Panama

11:40-11:50 Carlos DeGracia (STRI): The fossil billfishes of Central America and their paleogeographic implications

11:50-12:00 Carson Phillips (UF Biology): It takes a village to mold a scientist: The importance of partnerships and collaborations for successful research

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break

12:15-13:15 Brainstorming Session – Exhibits – Smathers 1A
Facilitator: Doug Jones/Eldredge Bermingham
Particpants: Jones, Berminghan, Morgan, Jaramillo, MacFadden, Bloch, Angehr, MacMachon, Hendy K, Oviedo, Pimiento, Acero, Rojas, Dunkel. Download details

13:30-14:50 Session 2: Student Research and Outreach | Moderator: Gary Morgan

13:30-13:40 Gary Morgan (NMMNH): PCP-PIRE and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History

13:40-13:50 Jon Bloch (FLMNH): Title TBA

13:50-14:00 Aldo Rincon: Terrestrial fossil vertebrates from Panama: Biostratigraphic and paleogbiogeographic implications of the early Miocene Las Cascadas fossil assemblage

14:00-14:10 Fabiany Herrera (UF Biology): Title TBA

14:10-14:20 Luz Helena (UF Journalism): Give jargon a break: E-newsletter and USA Science Festival

14:20-14:30 Kassie Hendy (FLMNH): PCP-PIRE Cruises the Fossil Freeway

14:30-14:40 Andy Kilmer (UF Biology): Title TBA

14:40-14:50 Austin Hendy (FLMNH): Digitizing FLMNH's Panama fossils: enhancing accessibility and education from afar

14:50-15:20 Poster presentations/coffee break | Moderator: Nicole Cannarozzi

15:30-16:30 Session 3: Boots on the Ground: International Experiences and Training | Moderator: Aaron Wood

15:30-15:40 Jason Carr (SDSM): Seven Months in Panama: Experiences and Professional Development as a PCP-PIRE Intern

15:40-15:50 Sharon Holte (UF Biology): Late Pleistocene Megafauna of Panama

15:50-16:00 Jill Holliday (UF Biology): PCP-PIRE Outreach: The California Teachers Project

16:00-16:10 Daniel Johnston (Santa Cruz School District)| Title TBA

16:10-16:20 Cheryl McLaughlin (UF Education): Rethinking Professional Development: Facilitating Science Teacher Learning in Multiple Contexts

16:30-17:10 Feature Presentation and closing remarks | Moderator: Austin Hendy

16:30-16:55 Alexandre Antonelli (University of Gothenberg, Sweden): The Biological Implications of an Earlier Isthmus

16:55-17:05 Egbert Leigh (STRI): Reflections on meeting from a neontologist

17:05-17:10 Bruce MacFadden (FLMNH)

17:30-18:30 External Advisory Committee – Smathers 1A
Facilitator: Shari Ellis (FLMNH)
Particpants: MacFadden, Jaramillo, Jones, Bloch, Morgan, Flynn, Rubinoff, Saleska, Escobar, Robin, Bernett, Ellis, Dunkel. Download details


MacLaughlin, Cheryl. “Research experience for teachers (Ret): Using paleontology fieldwork in the Panama Canal to support professional learning”

Martin, Jeffrey. “New freshwater molluscs from the Panama Canal Miocene Cucaracha Formation and paleoenvironmental reconstruction implications”

Perez, Nicolas & Stiles Rosselli, Elena. “Volunteers in the Smithsonian: A way of integrating students into research”

Ramirez, Diego. “Detrital geochronology and low-temperature thermochoronology in the Isthmus of Panama”

Riegel, Hannah. “Paleoenvironments of the Upper Cucaracha Formation (early Miocene, Panama): Evidence from Pedofacies and Fluvial Deposits”

Wood, Aaron. “Ecomorphology of early Miocene horses from Panama: Implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions”

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