Fall 2011 Classes

Natural History Exhibits Development-PIRE Seminar

ZOO 6927 (Section 6744)
GLY 6932(section 049H)
GLY 4930(section 063A)

Mondays and Wednesdays, 9th and 10th period (4:05 to 6:00 pm)
***Instructor's permission is required

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Class size limit

12 (6 via ZOO and 6 via GLY)


Bruce J. MacFadden
Curator and Professor
Florida Museum of Natural History
273-1937, bmacfadd@flmnh.ufl.edu.

Course Synopsis

In this seminar-format class students will learn how to design, develop, and evaluate a small multimedia natural history exhibit related to the content of the Panama PIRE project.* While this course will focus on the content of the Panama PIRE (geology, paleontology, biodiversity), the theoretical framework and best practices learned will be generally applicable to other exhibits with STEM content.


The students' grade will be based on: classroom assignments (25%); attendance and participation (25%); and a group project-deliverable (50%).


There is no assigned text; readings and related assignments will be taken from the primary literature and web resources.


  • Monday, December 5 | Carr 222 | Polycom
  • Wednesday, December 7 | 265 Williamson Hall | SKYPE

Download the Syllabus

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