Fall 2012 Classes

Broader Impacts of Science on Society

ZOO 6927 (section 081H) | GLY 6932 (section 1H44)
222 Carr Library on Tuesdays during 7th and 8th periods

Intended participants

Graduate students from any natural science discipline, including anthropology, astronomy, biology, engineering, entomology, geology, science education, wildlife, etc.

No course prerequisites


Bruce J. MacFadden
Curator and Professor
Florida Museum of Natural History
273-1937, bmacfadd@flmnh.ufl.edu.

David L. Reed
Associate Curator
Florida Museum of Natural History
273-1971, dlreed@ufl.edu

Communication: Sakai will be used for this class.

Class size

limited to 25 registered students in residence, with the possibility of remote access via Polycom or SKYPE

Class periods

110 Rogers Hall on Tuesdays during 7th and 8th periods

Two hours per week are scheduled for this class, however there will be an independent project that will likely require work outside of class time.

Course Synopsis

There is an increasing emphasis on the relevance of what a scientist does and how we impact society in general. This is manifested in many ways, for example, NSF now requires “Broader Impact” statements in grant proposals and explicit plans for how these kinds of activities will be accomplished. This course will explore ways in which scientists can increase our impact, particularly to society at large. During this seminar-format course, students will engage in active participation and discussion. The beginning of the course will feature presentations by the instructor and invited speakers, and preparations for the class project(s). The remainder of the course will primarily be driven by students’ interests.

Readings and assignments

There is no text for this course. Weekly assignments include readings, mostly from the primary literature, web research, and class discussion/presentations. Class project(s) will be presented at the end of the course. The project will require “out-of-class” work.

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