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PCP PIRE Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research on Ancient Biodiversity in the New World Tropics 

A NSF-funded postdoctoral fellowship is immediately available associated with the Panama Canal Project (PCP)-PIRE (NSF-funded Partnership for International Research and Education). The postdoctoral fellow will work with scientists at the University of Florida and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama to: 1) study ancient biodiversity and global change as recorded in the geological exposures along the Panama Canal (Panama); 2) supervise and mentor PCP-PIRE interns in Panama; and 3) facilitate field work of other project participants.

Minimum requirements include: PhD in geology, biology, or other relevant discipline, experience conducting geology/paleontology fieldwork and some supervisory or teaching experience. The postdoctoral fellow will be required to live for portions of this appointment in Panama to assist in the supervision of fossil collecting and excavations for extended periods, and therefore Spanish competency is preferred.

The PCP-PIRE Postdoctoral Fellowship is available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and includes an annual stipend ($40,000), health insurance, dorm-style housing when living in Panama, and related travel.

PCP-PIRE is a U.S.-Panamanian partnership to document the ancient marine and terrestrial biodiversity and global climate change of the New World Tropics (NWT) preserved in the 25-million-year fossiliferous sequence in Panama and promote international education, collaboration, and exchange. Current research includes the magnitude and timing of diversity change in the NWT; the biogeographic origins, relationships, and dispersal history of the Central American fauna and flora; antiquity of the rainforest; effects of global climate change on tropical biodiversity through time; and other questions related to the geological context and emergence of the Isthmus of Panama. Numerous opportunities for broader impact outreach activities also exist within PCP-PIRE. PCP-PIRE is committed to diversity in education and encourages the application of women and underrepresented minorities.

Applicants must submit a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, statement of proposed research, and contact information for a minimum of three professional references.

Contact Bruce MacFadden (, Jonathan Bloch (, or Aaron Wood ( for further details.

PCP PIRE is funded by NSF 0966884 (OISE, EAR, DRL)