Aaron Wood | PCP PIRE Project Manager, Post Doctoral Associate

Aaron is the coordinator of all efforts associated with the PCP PIRE Project.  His research interests in the project can be found here.






Cristina Robins | PCP PIRE Project Assistant

Cristina is the PCP Project Assistant located in Gainesville, FL.  She is responsible for logistics associated with the project, including travel and eNews communication.  She is an invertebrate paleontologist, with a PhD in geology from Kent State University.  Her research interests include decapod crustaceans, specifically the squat lobsters.





Claudia Grant | PCP Teach Coordinator

Claudia is the PCP PIRE Teach Coordinator and a PhD student. She is a web developer with a Master's degree in Art History, and an active advocate for online spread of scientific knowledge to people of all backgrounds.





Roger Portell | PCP Field Specialist, Division of Invertebrate Paleontology

Roger is our field specialist. His research interests relate to systematics, paleoecology, biogeography, and biostratigraphy of Cenozoic invertebrates of the southeastern USA, Caribbean, and South America with an emphasis on arthropods, echinoderms, and mollusks.  He is the Collections Manager of Invertebrate Paleontology at FLMNH.