Undergraduate Students

Camila Vallejo

Maria Camila Vallejo Pareja

Biology | Universidad Nacional de Colombia 2011

I'm a biologist and I have been working at the Paleontological and Geological Project of the Panama Canal for 5 months. I am particularly interested in mammals and their ecological rolls in the ecosystems. Paleontology is an important tool that will allow me to do some ecological reconstructions.

If you are an undergraduate student in Geology, Anthropology, Biology, or Wildlife Ecology, and your interests match our PCP-PIRE mission, you can be part of our team! Send us a 1 page statement of purpose describing your interest on the PCP PIRE, and the goals you wish to accomplish, a copy of your transcripts, and a letter of recommendation.

Send items to: Claudia Grant | cgrant@flmnh.ufl.edu

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