Summer 2011 Classes

Paleontology of the Panama Canal

Postponed until summer 2012

UF Students and Non-UF Students
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The Florida Museum of Natural History offers students an opportunity to earn 6 credits in Panama. This course will capitalize on the current excavations to enlarge the Panama Canal that are uncovering fossiliferous Miocene (15 to 20 million-year-old) and related Neogene deposits. Students will learn about paleontology, geology, and biology as these pertain to an understanding of terrestrial and marine Neotropical biodiversity, past and present.


  • Have direct experience in the field along the Panama Canal collecting fossils while learning the geological context of these discoveries. Related experience to understand Neotropical biodiversity.
  • Develop an individual research or outreach project.
  • Learn about the natural history, culture, and geography of Panama.
  • Develop and/or enhance in-country Spanish-speaking skills.
  • Meet, work along-side, and learn with university students from Panama.
  • There is no text; reading assignments will be taking from primary literature and web-based references.

Course Offerings

Choose One:
GLY 4930: Paleontology of the Panama Canal | 6 credits
ZOO 4932: Paleontology of the Panama Canal | 6 credits

Taught by:
Dr. Bruce MacFadden - Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Dr. Douglas Jones - Museum Director and Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology


This program is open to all undergraduates with a 3.0 or higher GPA and who are majoring in Geology, Biology, Anthropology, Zoology, or Wildlife Ecology. Other majors may be considered upon review of submitted statement of purpose essay.


  • At least 1 semester of Spanish (2 is best) or demonstration of Spanish competency.
  • Geology students will need to have taken historical geology or similar course.
  • Biology students will need to have taken organismal biology and/or course with taxonomic content.

Postponed until summer 2012

UF Students and Non-UF Students apply online at:

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