Health and Accident Insurance while travelling to Panama

All PCP PIRE participants who travel on project-related activities are expected to have, or can expect to receive, health and accidental insurance coverage as described below:

  1. All PCP PIRE participants are expected to carry their own health insurance policy
    • UF graduate students have access to Gator Grad care:
    • UF faculty and staff are covered by their associated employment health insurance:
    • UF undergraduate students and non-student UF employees (OPS) do not have access to health or accident insurance, except as stipulated elsewhere in this document. It is the responsibility of these individuals to determine and understand the level of coverage available to them during project-related international travel to Panama.
  2. Workers Compensation
    All UF employees are entitled to Workers Compensation for job-related incidents:
  3. All non-UF employees travelling as PCP PIRE participants
    They are expected to demonstrate proof of their own insurance. This is also required to register as a visitor to STRI (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute):
  4. MEDEX – Emergency Insurance
    All UF employees and associated UF PCP PIRE participants (e.g., non-employee students) travelling on a UF TAR (Travel Authorization Request) are required to complete the MEDEX insurance application, and therefore receive coverage, for emergencies arising from this travel event only. The application form and specific instances in which coverage applies can be found at:
  5. For non-UF International travelers and for pleasure trips:
    Emergency Assistance can be purchased on the MedEx website at
    Other independent providers also has similar coverage for purchase.
  6. Visitors (e.g., US citizens) to Panama travelling on a tourist Visa
    Upon entry they are eligible for health insurance for the first 30 days in Panama.
    Be sure that you are familiar with the stipulations of this insurance before you travel.

If you have any questions, please contact Claudia Grant: