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Talk at Pine Island Library
Location: 10700 Russell Road Bokeelia, FL

In this presentation, RRC Coordinator Cindy Bear will provide an overview of the Calusa people, and their ancestors, who lived along the shores of Pine Island Sound for thousands of years. The story of the Calusa people is one of a remarkable civilization thriving along the shores of a rich and bountiful estuary and building power and an economy based on their fishing technology. These Native Americans engineered a remarkable canal through Pine Island, developed a rich artistic tradition, and perplexed Spanish missionaries with their unique spirituality. This presentation will provide an overview of the Calusa civilization and include information on the methods archaeologists and historians have used to piece together the story we know today. Recently, archaeologists have conducted new excavations at the Randell Research Center and Cindy will highlight these new areas of archaeological investigation and how they are furthering our understanding of this remarkable culture and their ancestors.

The presentation begins at 6 p.m. at the Pine Island Library at 10700 Russell Road, Bokeelia,Florida. For information call(239)461-3188. The program is free to the public.


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