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Alligator olseni ulna

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UF 1361

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Genus and species: Alligator olseni
Higher taxonomy: Reptilia, Archosauria, Crocodylia, Alligatoridae, Alligatorinae
Specimen description: right ulna in medial view
Locality and age: Thomas Farm, Gilchrist Co., Florida; early Miocene
Collector and collection date: R. Bader; 1956
Photographer and imaging date: S. Moran; March 29, 2013

Other views of this specimen are available: anterior   posterior   lateral

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Florida Museum Vertebrate Paleontology Collections Acronyms:
UF, University of Florida collection;
UF/FGS, former collection of the Florida Geological Survey;
UF/PB, former collection of Professor Pierce Brodkorb;
UF/TRO, former collection of Timberlane Research Organization;
UF/IGM, collaborative collection with the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Geologico-Mineras (Bogota, Colombia);
UF/ACP, collaborative collection with La Autoridad del Canal de Panamá.

Posted On-line: April 10, 2013

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