Discover Conservation: Invasive Species

Research Highlight

Collections Manager of Herpetology Kenneth Krysko is working in South Florida to document invasive and exotic amphibians and reptiles. His findings are critical to state and federal wildlife managers as well as private land owners who are seeking to curb the environmental impact of non-native species. Krysko worked with state agency biologists to produce the first detailed natural history account of invasive green and spiny-tailed iguanas in South Florida.

Krysko and his research team also study patterns and occurrences of invasive boa constrictors and pythons as well as the potential pollination effects of non-native Madagascar giant day geckos on non-native coconut palms. As more exotic species invade Florida and threaten the state's indigenous inhabitants, research and documentation by Krysko and his colleagues will help to manage invasive exotics and enhance the future of Florida's native flora and fauna.

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