Inquiry Box: Florida's Butterflies & Moths

Suitable for: All ages but geared to K-4th grade

Participants will:

  • Learn about the life cycle of butterflies and moths.
  • Learn how butterflies and moths are similar and different.
  • Examine actual moths and butterflies found in Florida and discuss sizes, colors, and body parts.
  • Gain a better understanding of how important camouflage and adaptation methods are for survival.
  • Understand that Lepidoptera have scales covering their wings.
  • Experience how Lepidoptera see with their compound eyes.

The Florida's Butterflies and Moths Inquiry Box (a large plum duffle bag) contains books (both fiction and nonfiction), a video, word cards, laminated teaching aids and a teacher's guide (including a suggested approach sheet). This Inquiry Box features 14 shared boxes, each designed to be explored by 1-3 students.


Each shared box contains:Inquiry Box contents - Butterflies and Moths

  • One clear plastic box containing 1 of 4 Florida butterflies
  • One box containing 1 of 3 Florida moths
  • Packet of cards for identifying the above (Within the 14 boxes, there are 7 different Florida moths and butterflies.)
  • 2 magnifying glasses
  • 2 eyepiece teleidoscopes
  • Packet of plastic life cycle parts
  • Butterfly finger puppet

This Inquiry Box was designed using the Sunshine State Standards and is intended to enhance FCAT preparation.


Educators' Guide & Recommended Reading

Butterflies & Moths

Teacher's Guide & Classroom Activities (grades K-12)

Adult Reading List

Youth Reading List


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Butterflies and Moths

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