Museum Collections are the Library of Life

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Get a glimpse of the Museum’s research and scientific collections, which rank in the top five nationwide. These collections form a library of life, helping us understand and value the biological richness and cultural heritage of our diverse world and make a difference in its future.


Exhibit Highlights

  • A Century of Collecting
    The Museum is more than 100 years old, and has been at UF since 1906. Learn how it has grown from a small collection of teaching specimens into an international powerhouse for research and education.
  • Discovery Drawers
    Open the drawers to see objects from our collections and how they teach us about climate, ecology, people, evolution, extinction, health, heritage, diversity, resources and beauty.
  • Hot off the Press
    Keep up with current Museum research efforts as scientists work to better understand the nature of life on earth and share that knowledge with others.
  • In the News
    View changing stories of current Museum science, and comment on questions you have and topics you’d like to research.


Did you know?

  • The Florida Museum is the largest natural history museum south of the Smithsonian and the largest university-based natural history museum in the country (in terms of combined collections, staff and facilities).
  • Biodiversity helps medical research. For example, predatory marine snails of the genus Conus produce unique venoms to paralyze their prey with up to 250 neurotoxins, each of which has potential in medical research.
  • Each generation finds new questions and ways of using museum collections to better understand our world. Recent advances in genetic science have revolutionized the way we understand organisms and use museum collections.
  • The University of Florida used live alligator mascots in the 1950s and ‘60s. This exhibit includes a skull from one of the last live mascots, which died in 1974 in Lake Alice.


Child pointing to specimens in object drawer in Library of LIfe exhibit

Discovery drawers feature objects from the collections.

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