Distribution Table of Confirmed Megamouth Shark Sightings

We Have 64 Confirmed Occurrences of Megamouth Sharks Around the World and are Investigating Reports of Additional Individuals

Number Location Date Sex Length Disposition Recorded Account/Photos Scientific Publications
megamouth Oahu, Hawaii
15 Nov 76 M 446 cm TL Bernice P. Bishop Museum (Honolulu, Hawaii) Article Taylor, L. R., Compagno, L. J. V., and Struhsaker, P. J.
megamouth Catalina Island, California
29 Nov 84 M 449 cm TL Los Angeles County Museum (Los Angeles, California) Lavenberg, R. J. and Seigel, J. A.
megamouth Mandurah
18 Aug 88 M 515 cm TL Western Australia Museum Photos Berra, T. M. and Hutchins, J. B.
megamouth Hamamatsu City
23 Jan 89 M 400+ cm TL Discarded Nakaya, K.
5 Suruga Bay
June 89 ? 490 cm TL Released alive Miya, M., Hirosawa, M., and Mochizuki, K.
megamouth Dana Point, California
21 Oct 90 M 494 cm TL Tracked Article Lavenberg, R. J.
megamouth Hakata Bay
29 Nov 94 F 471 cm TL Marine World (Fukuoka, Japan) Photos Castro, J. I., Clark, E., Yano, K., and Nakaya, K.
8 Dakar
4 May 95 ? 180 (?) cm TL Discarded Séret, B.
megamouth Southern Brazil 18 Sept 95 M 190 cm TL Instituto de Pesca (São Paulo, Brazil) Photos Amorim, A. F., Arfeli, C. A. and Castro, J. I.
megamouth Mikizaki, Owase City, Mie
30 April 97 F 500+ cm TL Toba Aquarium Yano, K.; Yabumoto, Y.; Tanaka, S.; Tsukada, O., and Furuta, M.
megamouth Cagayan de Oro
21 Feb 98 M ca. 549 cm TL Consumed Photos Amorim, A. F., Arfeli, C. A. and Castro, J. I.
12 Atawa, Mie
23 April, 98 F 549 cm TL Discarded Amorim, A. F., Arfeli, C. A. and Castro, J. I.
megamouth Manado, North Sulawesi
30 August 98 ? ca. 5 m Swam away Article
megamouth 30 mi. W of San Diego, California
1 October 99 F 518 cm Released Article
megamouth 42 mi. NW of San Diego, California
19 Oct 01 M 548 cm Released Article
megamouth East Indian Ocean (Lat. 02° 17.9' S Long. 088º 12.7' E) 18 Jan 02 M 235 cm Discarded Article
megamouth Natures Valley near Plettenberg Bay, east of Cape Town
South Africa
20 Apr 02 F 350 cm Port Elizabeth Museum Article
megamouth Cagayan de Oro City
06 Jan 03 ? 497 cm Consumed Article
19 Dana Point, California
26 May 03 ? 610-760 cm Released
megamouth Hualien Province
03 Jul 2003 M ~250 cm Consumed Article
megamouth Omaezaki, Sizuoka
7 Aug 03 M 430 cm Tokai University (taxidermy) Article
megamouth Posorja Port, Guayas
8 Mar 04 M 420 cm Sent to market Article
megamouth Gapang Beach
northern tip of Sumatra
13 Mar 04 M 177 cm Frozen (pending) Article
megamouth Tokyo Bay, Ikhihara City
19 Apr 04 F 563 cm Washed ashore dead Article
megamouth#27 Off Ajiro, Shizuoka
23 Apr 04 F ca. 490 cm Discarded Article
megamouth Barangay Namocon, Tigbauan, Iloilo
04 Nov 04 ? 504 cm Stranded on beach Article
megamouth Off Nishiki Kisei - cha Mie
23 Jan 05 F 528 cm Frozen (pending), Toba Aquarium Article
megamouth Cagayan de Oro
30 Jan 05 F? 417 cm Caught by fisherman, buried Article
29 Hualieng
Eastern Taiwan
~25 Apr 05 ? ? cm Caught by fishermen, weighed 580 kg, sold for consumption Article
30 Hualieng
Eastern Taiwan
02 May 05 ? ? cm Caught by fishermen, weighed 580 kg, sold for consumption Article
megamouth Hualieng
Eastern Taiwan
04 May 05 F 709 cm? Dissection at Taipei Zoo/Academia Sinica Article
megamouth Hualieng
Eastern Taiwan
05 May 05 F ? cm Weighed 807 kilograms, Dissection at Taipei Zoo/Academia Sinica Article
megamouth Hualieng
Eastern Taiwan
05 June 05 ? ? cm Weighed between 400-500 kilograms Article
megamouth Bayawan City
Southern Oriental Negros
26 Jan 06 F 500 cm Accidental capture by fishermen.Died before it could be set free. Article
megamouth Barra, Macabalan,
Cagayan de Oro City
12 March 06 F 226 cm Accidental gill net capture by fishermen.Died before it could be set free. Article
megamouth China Sea 23 May 06 ? 470 cm ? Article
megamouth Sagami Bay, Yugawara
(Kanagawa prefecture)
2 May 06 F 570 cm On display at Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, in Kanagawa, Japan. Article
megamouth Tortugas Bay
west coast of Baja California
16 Nov 06 F 214.9 cm On display at Regional Fisheries Center of Ensenada, located in Mexico. Article
39 Phillipines 29 May 07 ? 250 cm Wounded nearshore, found alive with head wound, died after several hours; weighed 40-50 kg. Article
megamouth Sagami Bay, Japan Jun 07 F 540 cm This megamouth was found alive in a net. It was filmed, tagged, and released. Article
megamouth Japan July 07 ? 400 cm This megamouth caught off the coast of Japan, weighed 450 kg. Article
42 Baja California, México 23 September 07 ? ? This megamouth was sighted between Cedros Island and San Benito Islands off western Baja California. Article
megamouth Hinunangan, So. Lyete, Philippines 27 September 07 ? 274 cm This megamouth was found dead along the shores of Hinunangan. Article
megamouth off Taiwan 30 June 08 ? ? The only information on this megamouth capture is its weight (200 kg+) and capture date. Article
megamouth off Eastern Taiwan 10 July 08 ? 500-550 cm? 5-5.5 meters in length judging from the photo taken of this specimen, and weighed 870 kg. Article
46 Hinunangan, So. Lyete, Philippines 5 September 08 ? 213 cm This megamouth was reported stranded and alive on the shoreline and was pushed offshore, back into the water. Article
megamouth Philippines 31 March 09 M 400 cm? This megamouth shark was sold for human consumption. Article
megamouth Taiwan 9 June 09 F 390 cm This megamouth shark was sold to a local shark museum where it will be preserved and displayed. Article
megamouth Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 9 July 09 M 539 cm This megamouth was reported beached on the shoreline, appearing to have died of natural causes. Article
megamouth Benitos Islands, Mexico 6 Nov 09 ? 200 cm It is unclear what happened to this specimen. Article
megamouth Off southeastern China (Taiwan Straits) 25 April 10 M ~400 cm It was donated to an educational facility or museum. The flesh was sold at market for consumption. Article
megamouth Off Eastern Taiwan 19 June 10 ? 700 cm The body was not intact however, the jaw was saved. The flesh was sold at market for consumption. Article
megamouth Pamilacan Island, Bohol, Philippines 2010 ? ? This megamouth was landed on the island in 2010 and butchered. The jaws are kept at a private residence. Article
54 Shizuoka pref., Japan 24 June 2011 F 540 cm This specimen was kept frozen at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and later partly dissected for anatomical analysis. It is now exhibited at the Main Rest House next to the aquarium. Article Tomita, T., Tanaka, S., Sato, K., and Nakaya, K.
megamouth Sagami Bay, Japan 01 Jul 2011 F 300 cm Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History
megamouth Sea of China Jan 2012 ? 565 cm ?
57 Negombo fisheries harbour, Sri Lanka 5 July 2012 ? ? Publication and photos forthcoming
megamouth Off Eastern Taiwan 16 Oct 2012 F 600 cm The organs were preserved and donated to a university and the meat was sold. Article
megamouth Manazuru, Japan 06 Sept 2013 F 577cm Caught and killed.
megamouth Sabang West, Bugasong, Antique, Philippines 14 March 2014 ? ? ? Article
megamouth Off the coast of Shizuoka, Japan 14 April 2014 F 396 cm This shark weighed 1,500 lbs. Dissected by The Marine Science Museum in Shizuoka, Japan and is currently on display at the museum. Article
62 Barangay 2, Pobalcion, Tubay, Agusan Del Norte 23 June 2014 ? ? This shark weighed approximately 2,204 lbs. It was caught in a fisherman's net and released alive. Article and Video
megamouth Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines 30 June 2014 F 549 cm This shark weighed between 881-1,102 lbs. It washed ashore dead and cause of death is being investigated. It will be buried by officials. Article
megamouth Marigondon, Pioduran, Albay, Philippines 28 Jan 2015 M 457 cm This shark was accidentally captured in a fishing net in the Burias Pass. It was later transported to the Park and Wildlife Center in Legazpi City for necropsy and preservation. Article

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Some of this information was kindly provided by:
Henry Mollet, John F. Morrissey, and a series of cooperators who reported on individual encounters.

Persons having information on new or earlier-caught megamouth sharks are encouraged to contact George Burgess at

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