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Publications Available Through the International Shark Attack File
Shark Attack: A Program of Data Reduction and Analysis, by H. David Baldridge (1974), US$ 12.00 (includes shipping).

A Database Compiled From Early Case Histories In The International Shark Attack File, by H. David Baldridge (1994), US$ 12.00 (includes shipping).

Sharks and Survival, edited by Perry W. Gilbert (1963).

Two sets of chapter reprints are available.

Set #1 (Shark Attacks of the World) includes the following chapters:
  • Chapter 1 - A Guide to the Kinds of Potentially Dangerous Sharks, by J. A. F. Garrick and Leonard P. Schultz.
  • Chapter 2 - Field Notes on Sharks, by Conrad Limbaugh.
  • Chapter 3 - Field Observations on Large Sharks of the Florida-Caribbean Region, by Stewart Springer.
  • Chapter 10 - Shark Attacks in Australia, by Gilbert P. Whitley.
  • Chapter 11 - Dangerous Sharks of the Western Atlantic, by John E. Randall.
  • Chapter 12 - Shark Attacks in the South African Seas, by J. L. B. Smith.
  • Chapter 13 - Open-ocean Shark Attacks, by George A. Llano.
  • Chapter 14 - Patterns of Shark Attack for the World, by V. M. Coppleson.
  • Appendix - A List of Shark Attacks for the World, by Leonard P. Schultz and Marilyn H. Malin.

Set #2 (Meeting the Shark Hazard Problem) includes the following chapters:
  • Chapter 15 - Attacks by Sharks as Related to the Activities of Man, by Leonard P. Schultz.
  • Chapter 16 - Specifications for a Desirable Shark Repellent, by H. D. Buffenbarger, Comments By: S. R. Galler and L. S. Jaffe.
  • Chapter 18 - Anti-shark Measures, by Stewart Springer and Perry W. Gilbert.
  • Chapter 19 - Testing Shark Repellents, by Perry W. Gilbert and Stewart Springer.
  • Chapter 20 - First Aid Treatment of Shark Bites: General Comments, by Bruce W. Halstead and Treatment of Shark-attack Victims in South Africa, by David H. Davies and George D. Campbell.
  • Chapter 21 - Advice to Those Who Frequent, or Find Themselves in, Shark-infested Waters, by Perry W. Gilbert.

A variable number of reprints of each chapter are available. Therefore, the earliest orders will receive complete sets. Later orders will receive incomplete sets (i.e., missing a chapter or two) as AES runs out of stock of various chapters. So order your sets today!

Prices for each set (for shipping and handling only, in US$ and made payable to AES):
  • AES Member price US$ 8.00 per set
  • Non-member price US$ 10.00 per set
  • Foreign AES Member price:US$ 10.00 per set
  • Foreign Non-member price:US$ 12.00 per set

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