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Bottom type (please check all that apply)
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How long did the encounter last?

Describe the behavior of the sawfish during the encounter?

Fishing information (if applicable) - Fill in to the best of your knowledge

Was the sawfish captured while fishing?
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Where was the animal hooked?
Was the hook removed?

Was the line/leader wrapped
around the saw?
Was the line/leader removed?

If the line was cut, how much line was left on the animal?

Target species
Other fish species caught while fishing

If captured describe gear, bait, fishing technique, hook size, and hook type (e.g., J or circle hook).


How often are you in the area where you saw the sawfish?

How did you find out about reporting a sawfish?

Can you think of anyone else who has seen one? If so, can we have their contact information?

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Would you like to become involved in sawfish recovery efforts?
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