Granting Program

Each year the various departments within the Museum are asked to submit grant requests to the Florida Museum Associates Board. Money raised from their fundraising activities is then awarded based upon the highest need as determined by a panel of Museum faculty, the Director and the Florida Museum Associates Board. While all grants submitted are deserving, the available funds are limited. Only a small percentage of the grant requests are awarded. Financial constraints within the State of Florida has increased the financial need. Thanks to our supporters and successful Passport events available funding for grants has also increased.

Please consider supporting the next Passport event and you too can help fund the ongoing programs, research and exhibits at the Florida Museum.


Grants Awarded

2010: Total $52,000

$1,350 Student Research Exhibit Display
$3,000 Vertebrate Paleontology Spring 2010 Volunteer Program
$1,600 Archaeological Specimen Cabinetry
$3,000 Caribbean Archaeology Program
$2,500 Snake Genetic Determination Research
$3,400 Undergraduate Training for the McGuire Center
$3,000 Curation and Databasing of the Dale H. Habeck Collection in Lepidoptera
$6,400 Lepidoptera Biodiversity Research in Argentina
$3,200 Curation of the Macro Moths at the McGuire Center
$10,000 Concept Planning Start-up for a First Colony exhibit
$5,225 Florida Cattle Ranching Traveling Exhibit
$9,500 Florida's Wildflower and Wildlife Project, including development of a smartphone application (partnership with the FWC)


2009: Total $51,000

$1,200 Discovery Room 2009 Upgrades
$3,000 Volunteer Recognition
$1,300 Volunteer Database Upkeep
$4,000 Florida Wildflower and Butterfly Brochure
$3,000 Florida Association of Museums Membership for the Florida Museum
$3,067 Life on Earth Brochure Reprint (Download)
$3,000 New Chairs for Events
$1,015 Graduate Student Research Stipend
$450 Association of American Museums Institutional Membership
$10,000 Teacher Workshops
$1,000 Ichthyology Workshop (L. Page)
$2,300 NSCA Membership
$3,000 Bat House Web Cam (Camera/Software)
$1,971 Philosopher Kings Reception


2008: Total $52,800

$8,000 ButterflyFest 2008
$15,000 Everglades (Exhibit Fabrication)
$2,500 Discovery Room Summer 2008
$2,000 Educational Outreach & Accessibility of Type Specimens in the McGuire Center
$6,000 Geochronological Atlas of Freshwater Fishes of Florida (Seed Money)
$2,050 Upgrading the Sound Recording Equipment in Ornithology Collection
$4,000 Digital Imaging of the Ripley Bullen Projectile Point Type Collection
$5,950 Revealing the Rare: Virtual Collection of Florida's Endangered Plants
$4,600 Unique Undergraduate Research Experience: The Butterflies of Ecuador
$3,200 Inventory of Moths at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park (continuation)


2007: Total $41,500

$10,000 ButterflyFest 2007
$7,000 Discovery Room Summer 2007: Free, educational, and hands-on activities for children
$3,000 Preschool Programming: "Museum Day"
$5,000 Study of 34-million-year-old mammals from Nebraska (matching funds)
$4,000 Radiocarbon dating of Florida's Mound Key, Capital of the Calusa
$4,500 Experiences for undergrads at the McGuire Center
$2,500 Inventory of Moths at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
$2,500 Non-toxic control of Papilio demoleus, the Lime (Citrus) Swallowtail butterfly on citrus crops
$3,000 Analysis of butterfly toxicity