Comparison of Eastern Coral Snake, Scarlet Kingsnake, and Scarlet Snake

Coral snake nose

Eastern Coral Snake: Nose is black, broad and rounded

Scarlet kingsnake nose

Scarlet Kingsnake: Nose is red and blunt

Scarlet Snake nose

Scarlet Snake: Nose is red and pointed

Coral snake tail

Eastern Coral Snake: The tail is only black and yellow (two colors)

Scarlet kingsnake tail

Scarlet Kingsnake: The tail is black, red, and yellow (three colors)

Scarlet Snake tail

Scarlet Snake: The tail is black, red, and white (three colors)

Coral snake belly

Eastern Coral Snake: The belly has three colors, like the back.

Scarlet kingsnake belly

Scarlet Kingsnake: The belly has three colors, like the back

Scarlet Snake belly

Scarlet Snake: The belly is white.

Now that you have learned how their noses, tails, and bellies can be used to tell them apart, here is what the whole Eastern Coral Snake and its two mimics in Florida look like.

Eastern coral snake

Eastern Coral Snake, Micrurus fulvius

Scarlet kingsnake

Scarlet Kingsnake, Lampropeltis elapsoides.

Scarlet Snake

Scarlet Snake, Cemophora coccinea.

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