Museum-Voices-logoMuseums are exciting, dynamic places. There are curators conducting cutting-edge research, collection managers carefully cataloging specimens, educators inspiring the next generation of scientists, exhibit designers crafting immersive experiences for visitors, and other activities occurring every day that many people don’t associate with museums.

Museum Voices is an opportunity for staff and graduate students to share their experiences with the world. The blogs may be run by individuals or entire labs or departments. Each has a unique perspective, and combined, the voices weave a colorful picture of museum life and discovery. Come see what we’re up to and join the conversation!

Recent Posts:

FANN Collaboration

From: Special Projects Lab

Recently, our outreach, conservation work and collaborations with the Florida Wildflower Foundation and the Florida Association of Native Nurseries for the Florida Milkweed Project were featured in the FANN Native Plant and Service Directory and outlined on the FANN website. This collaborative project involves collection and production of native ecotype milkweed seeds and providing information […]

Synthesis of phylogeny and taxonomy into a comprehensive tree of life

From: Laboratory of Molecular Systematics & Evolutionary Genetics

Hinchliff, C. E., S. A. Smith, J. F. Allman, J. G. Burleigh, R. Chaudhary, L. M. Coghill, K. A. Crandall, J. Deng, B. T. Drew, R. Gazis, K. Gude, D. S. Hibbett, L. A. Katz, H. D. Laughinghouse, E. J. McTavish, P. E. Midford, C. L. Owen, R. H. Ree, J. A. Rees, D. E. […]

Rebecca’s NSF-EAPSI Fellowship

From: The Cellinese Lab

Rebecca was awarded a NSF-EAPSI Fellowship and spent the summer in China collecting Micranthes. Her story is featured by NSF! Awesome job!  

Today’s the big day!

From: Franciscan Missions of La Florida

Today was the big day, the 450th Anniversary of the founding of St. Augustine! While the focus of our research has been on the 1677-1728 church and convento at Mission Nombre de Dios, these excavations were also part of a public archaeology program in association with the 450th. Celebrations started this past Friday and culminated […]

Welcome to this webpage on the systematics of Euptychiina!

From: Systematics of Euptychiina

Systematics of Euptychiina A project funded in part by the National Science Foundation (DEB# 1256742) Major collaborating organizations: University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Campinas, Brazil Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru The Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom Goals: 1. Reconstruct the phylogeny of Euptychiina using both molecular […]

Botany 2015 in Edmonton

From: Blue Rim Paleobotany

I recently returned from this year’s Botany conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was held in the Shaw Conference Center overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. I presented on Monday during the Paleobotany student session. My talk focused on the leaf flora from the lower stratigraphic horizon at Blue Rim. This horizon has 20 non-monocot angiosperm […]

Giant Ants!

From: Florida Museum Imagery

Last Tuesday two large-scale bronze ant sculptures were installed on the front lawn of the Florida Museum of Natural History. Each sculpture weighs 1,100 pounds and had to be forklifted from the delivery truck to the ground. The sculptures came to the museum through a University of Florida program called Creative B. Each year the […]

Shifting Sands and Baby Plans

From: Webology

The Web Office has been in a real period of transition, and boy, does our posting frequency show it! (Ahem, that’s absolutely nada since March for those playing along.) However, in attempting to serve as an example to other fledgling museum bloggers…it’s okay if you go through a post drought. Things happen and life gets […]