Education and Outreach

The Florida Museum of Natural History is dedicated to public education in natural history and enhancing public appreciation of scientific research. Students and staff at the Florida Museum and associated University of Florida departments are engaged in various outreach initiatives in public education.


Powell Hall Exhibit and Education Program

Many of the Florida Museum outreach and education programs are coordinated through the Powell Hall Education and Exhibit Center. These include such things as classes, public lectures, summer and school holiday camps, tours, and outreach materials including the Museum “Inquiry Boxes” and MESS programs.


Research Outreach and Education Programs

The Florida Museum research programs also offer outreach and public education opportunities. Many of these are collaborations with affiliated University of Florida teaching departments. More details about these opportunities can be found on the various Museum pages, and also by contacting the curators and collection managers responsible for the various programs. Here are some examples.



Neontological (Modern) Biological Sciences

Grad student interacting with visitors at herp display at Powell event

Students participate in public outreach programs at Powell hall.


  • UF Geology Department Outreach
    • GeoGators Classroom Visits
    • Curriculum Design and Teacher Professional Development
    • Public Education in the Geosciences
    • Public Policy and Planning
    • Research-Related Outreach


Florida Outreach and Education Programs

Many other opportunities are available that are directed through outside organizations but offer experiences in the Florida Museum facilities or with Florida Museum researchers. Here are some examples.