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Diggers at Thomas Farm
Diggers at the 18-million-year-old Thomas Farm fossil site. This extraordinarily rich site, owned by the University of Florida as a fossil preserve, has produced literally tens of thousands of bones and teeth of extinct vertebrates.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pony Express program has been discontinued. The Florida Museum of Natural History will continue to host public digs at the 18-million-year-old Thomas Farm locality in north Florida.

Visit our brand new Thomas Farm website for complete information on Thomas Farm and upcoming fossil digs.

They are open to persons over the age of 15 (minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

The Pony Express program at the Florida Museum promoted the scientific study of fossil horses. It was founded in 1992 by Bruce J. MacFadden, Ph.D. Pony Express activities included research, fieldwork, education, and public involvement. The program published the Pony Express newsletter and sponsored the highly popular fossil horse digs at Thomas Farm.

Pony Express was entirely participant supported and increased in popularity each year since its inception. The biannual newsletter contained the latest information about fossil horses and the ancient ecosystems where they lived, landmark articles, useful notes on fossil collecting, paleo book reviews, and announcements of upcoming field trips, fossil exhibitions, meetings, and digs. All previous issues of Pony Express will remain online for you to enjoy.

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