Tour Schedule

Sept 28- Jan 5, 2020 Available for rental
June 1- Sept 2 Available for rental
Feb 2- May 5 Available for rental
Sept 22- Jan 6, 2019 Available for rental
May 26- August 27 Available for rental
Jan 27- April 1 Available for rental
Sept 23- Jan 2, 2018 Available for rental
May 27- Aug 28

Museum of Arts & Sciences,
Macon, GA

Jan 28- May 2 Available for rental
Oct 1- Jan 3, 2017 Cranbrook Institute of Science
March 1- Sept 5 Dynamic Earth, Sudbury,
Ontario, Canada
  Note: Actual dates may vary

Dispel the myths and learn the true story of Megalodon by
joining the national tour like many other popular institutions.

Adventure Science Center, Nashville, TN   
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History  
Mid-America Air Museum, Liberal, KS  
Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville, FL
Burpee Museum of Natural History
Don Harrington Discovery Center  
Cleveland Museum of Natural History  
Virginia Aquarium
Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ
Gulf Coast Exploreum  
The Wildlife Experience  
Exploration Place, Wichita, KS
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences  
Virginia Living Museum  
Miami Science Museum
Bishop Museum, Hawaii



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