Museum-Voices-logoMuseums are exciting, dynamic places. There are curators conducting cutting-edge research, collection managers carefully cataloging specimens, educators inspiring the next generation of scientists, exhibit designers crafting immersive experiences for visitors, and other activities occurring every day that many people don’t associate with museums.

Museum Voices is an opportunity for staff and graduate students to share their experiences with the world. The blogs may be run by individuals or entire labs or departments. Each has a unique perspective, and combined, the voices weave a colorful picture of museum life and discovery. Come see what we’re up to and join the conversation!

Recent Posts:

Jacob Landis wins the FLMNH poster competition!

From: Laboratory of Molecular Systematics & Evolutionary Genetics

Congratulations to Jacob Landis who won the FLMNH Student Research Exhibit Best Poster award or 2014-2015! Jacob’s poster reported on the development of outreach activities working with high school students to conduct plant systematics and forensics research experiences.

A Macro Look at NATL

From: Florida Museum Imagery

Gainesville, Fl, is a very lush and green city with many urban parks and natural areas. The University of Florida alone has more than 2,000 acres of land on the main campus, which is shared with large palm trees, southern magnolias and majestic oaks dripping with Spanish moss. One of the largest natural areas on campus […]

Google is your homepage

From: Webology

In 2014, the homepage received only 2.39% of the total page views on the Museum’s website. I knew that our homepage has never been the most-visited page on our site (snakes and shark attacks are always battling for that honor), but until now I didn’t give much thought to the actual percentage of visitors who view it compared to […]

Dickinson Hall Window Exhibit

From: Blue Rim Paleobotany

The Paleobotany lab at the FLMNH has updated the east side display window in the Dickinson Hall courtyard on the University of Florida campus.  It contains four posters describing research by others in the lab, including work on lianas in Panama, leaf morphotyping, and fossil fruits of Anacardiaceae and Icacinaceae.  In addition, I had the […]

Congratulations to Andy Crowl!!

From: The Cellinese Lab

Andy was awarded a dissertation improvement grant (NSF-DDIG) to work on a project titled “Integrating Biogeography, Cytology, Niche Modeling and Phylogenetics to Understand the Evolutionary History of Endemic Campanula Species in the Mediterranean”. Way to go, Andy!!

New Euptychiina webpage!

From: Systematics of Euptychiina

Interested in butterflies? The new Euptychiina webpage is up. See menu for current information. More will be added soon!