Dr. Jonathan I. Bloch

Jon Bloch profileCurator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Florida Museum of Natural History
Dickinson Hall, Rm. 222
1659 Museum Road
Gainesville, Florida 32611-7800

Ph.D. University of Michigan, 2001

Concurrent Appointments

Associate Professor of Geological Sciences, Anthropology, and Zoology.


Richard Hulbert – Vertebrate Paleontology Collection Manager

Jason Bourque – Fossil Preparator

Arthur Poyer – Research Associate

Current External Funding

2007-2010 Collaborative Research: Paleohydrology of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: A Multiple Proxy Reconstruction, NSF-EAR-0719941, PI. $103,001

2007-2010 Environmental and Climatic Change Across the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary in the Continental Interior of North America, NSF EAR-0640076, Sedimentary Geology & Paleobiology, PI. $194,048

2006-2011 Collaborative Research: Resolving Mammalian Phylogeny with Genomic and Morphological Approaches, NSF EF- 0629836, Assembling the Tree of Life, CoPI. $135,993

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