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Fossil Species of Florida

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Fossil Species of Florida

Species Sorted By Taxonomy: Mammalia

Xenarthra (armadillos, pampatheres, gylptodonts, and sloths)
Dasypus bellus

Carnivora (carnivores)
Amphicyon longiramus
Barbourofelis loveorum
Canis dirus
Ontocetus emmonsi
Rhizosmilodon fiteae
Smilodon fatalis

Sirenia (dugongs and manatees)
Metaxytherium floridanum

Proboscidea (mastodons, gomphotheres, mammuths, and elephants) Amebelodon britti

Artiodacyla (peccaries, antelope, deer, bison, ect.)
Aepycamelus major
Kyptoceras amatorum

Cetacea (whales, dolphins, porpoises)
Pomatodelphis inaequalis

Perissodacyla (tapirs, rhinos, chalicotheres, and horses)
Archaeohippus blackbergi
Cormohipparion ingenuum
Neohipparion eurystyle
Tapirus haysii

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