Staff Spotlight

Dr. Larry M. Page

Larry Page portraitCurator of Fishes, Director of Biodiversity Institute
214 Dickinson Hall
Museum Road & Newell Drive
GainesvilleFL 32611



Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1972

Full Curriculum Vitae

Florida Museum Ichthyology Collection


Concurrent Appointments

  • Affiliate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Florida
  • Affiliate Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Florida
  • Principal Scientist Emeritus, Illinois Natural History Survey Champaign, IL 61820


Research Interests

Systematics, evolution, and ecology of freshwater fishes; protection of aquatic natural areas. Current research emphasis is on phylogenetic relationships, evolution of reproductive behaviors, and speciation processes that have led to the diversity of freshwater organisms.


Collection Activities

Fieldwork conducted in North America, Asia, Africa and South America. See websites for All Catfish Species InventoryAll Cypriniformes Species Inventory and iDigBio.


Courses Taught

Ichthyology (offered in alternate years)


Graduate Students

Zachery Martin, M.S., Zoology
Ecology of N.A. freshwater fishes

Zachery Randall, M.S., Zoology
Systematics of Asian freshwater fishes

Randal Singer, M.S., Zoology
Systematics of Asian freshwater fishes

Alfred Thomson, M.S., Zoology
Systematic revisions of amphiliid catfishes



Jason Grabon - iDigBio Project Manager

Kevin Love- iDigBio IT Expert

Cathy Bester- iDigBio Project Assistant

Jesse Grosso - Ichthyology Assistant

Robert Robins - Fish Collection Manager

Randal Singer - Collection Technician


Representative Publications

Blanton, R. E., L. M. Page, and B. M. Ennis. 2011. Phylogenetic relationships of Opsopoeodus emiliae, with comment on the taxonomic implications of discordance among datasets. Copeia 2011:82-92.

Page, L. M. and B. M. Burr. 2011. A field guide to freshwater fishes of North America north of Mexico. 2nd ed. The Peterson Field Guide Series, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co., Boston, MA.

Plongsesthee, R., L. M. Page and W. Beamish. 2011. Schistura aurantiaca, a new species from the Mae Khlong basin, Thailand (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 22(2):169-178.

Knouft, J. and L. M. Page. 2011. Knouft, J. H. and Page, L. M. 2011. Climate, elevation, stream channel diversity, and geographic clines in species richness of North American freshwater fishes. Journal of Biogeography 38:2259–2269.

Smith, T. A., T. C. Mendelson, and L. M. Page. 2011. AFLPs support deep relationships among darters (Percidae: Etheostomatinae) consistent with morphological hypotheses. Heredity, 107(6):579-588.