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Terry A. Lott

Preparator and Lab Manager

Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7800, USA
Tel: 352 273-1933
Email: lott (add "@flmnh.ufl.edu" to end)

Ongoing Projects:

Revision of the Miocene leaf flora of Alum Bluff, Florida.
Physical and virtual sectioning of three-dimensionally preserved permineralized fruits and flowers.
Database compilation of Early Cretaceous Angiosperms
Authored manuscripts (in preparation) dealing with fossil plants of the Pleistocene of Costa Rica, and fossil legume flower and Smilax leaves of the Eocene of Tennessee
Maintenance of the genetic resources collection of FLMNH.


Manage chemical laboratory and light microscopy facilities.
Preparation and guidance in preparation of plant megafossil and microfossil specimens, and comparative extant materials for detailed morphological and anatomical analyses.
Prepare and edit photographic and digital images for scientific papers, posters, presentations and surveys.
Review and edit manuscripts.
Maintain and order equipment, supplies and chemicals, for photography, imaging, laboratory and office spaces.
Paleobotany Collection tours and numerous museum related symposia/paleofest.
Assist: Numerous projects associated with visiting scholars, post-doctoral, graduate, undergraduate, and high school students dealing with character analysis of fossil and modern plants.
Identification and analysis of extant plants specimens for the FLAS Herbarium.

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