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Vertebrate Paleontology Graduate Student

Aldo Rincon

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Aldo Rincón B.

Ph.D. Candidate in Geology
216 Dickinson Hall
Museum Road & Newell Drive
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 273-1821
Email: arincon@ufl.edu

B.Sc. Geology, National University of Colombia, 2005

M.S. Geology, University of Florida, 2011

Research Interests

1) Vertebrate Paleontology and paleobiogeography.

2) Mammalian evolution and Neotropical biostratigraphy in Central and South America.

3) Paleontology of Cenozoic fossiliferous outcrops in Panama and Northeastern Colombia.

Current Research

I am working on a project related to the evolution of Neotropical Cenozoic mammals. It involves description and analysis of newly collected latest Oligocene-early Miocene fossils from on-going excavations associated with the expansion of the Panama Canal. These fossils, mostly ungulates, reveal new morphology of previously known taxa, as well as several new species and occurrences. I will use cladistic paleobiogeography to better understand the evolutionary history of Cenozoic ungulates in Central and North America. I am also doing related fieldwork in the terrestrial Paleocene and Eocene Bogota Formation of Northern Colombia.


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CADENA. E, J. BOURQUE, A. RINCÓN, J. BLOCH, C. JARAMILLO, B. MACFADDEN, and C. MONTES. In preparation. Early to middle Miocene turtles from the Panama Canal Basin; systematics and paleobiogeographical implications.

BELTRAN-TRIVIÑO, A. I., A. RINCÓN, J. A. TAMARA, R. O. LOPEZ, A. PIRAQUIVE, A. DELVALLE, and A. KAMMER. 2006. Patrones de Fracturamiento de los Frentes de Deformación del Piedemonte Llanero, Cordillera Oriental de Colombia. Documento de trabajo-work paper-. IX Simposio Bolivariano de Cuencas Subandinas, Colombia, 2006.

RINCÓN. A., and J. TAMARA. 2006. Sedimentación sintectónica y fallamiento normal en la Secuencia Neocomiana del área de Villavicencio, Colombia. Memorias VII Semana Técnica de Geología e Ingeniería Geológica. Colombia, 2006.